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About Christine

Christine Abela is a leading expert in logic and business systems. She can cut through the clutter of complex situations, and come up with innovative solutions that are clever, revolutionary, and above all, practical. In the last 30 years, Christine Abela has helped hundreds of small business owners to navigate through the confusing waters of doing business. From her background as a Senior Analyst Programmer for large multi-national companies, to working with small one-man (or, more often one-woman) businesses to implement marketing solutions, she has lived and worked in both Australia and New Zealand. Christine is a hard-working "morning person", who gets more done before 6am than some people do in a day. She loves getting her teeth into automating processes, and actually enjoys mathematics and accounting. She is an opportunist, and finds silver linings in some surprising places, and has often helped her clients to develop their businesses in ways they hadn't thought of before. In her side roles as a voiceover artist and motivational speaker, she has communicated messages from her clients to tens of thousands of people across the globe. She will inspire you to fall in love with your business all over again. Christine lives with her partner in Timaru, New Zealand. In her spare time, she enjoys the peaceful pursuits of handcrafts, gardening and fishing, because they give her time to think.

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